Easy Guide Books

The Easy Guide Books started when Scott Bourquin was looking for an easier way to get a job done.  The idiots books and the dummy books just didn’t cut it.  There was still too much fluff and information he didn’t need.

What he wanted was a step by step outline just like he used as military and airline pilot to fly jets.  No extra junk, just the steps to do the job.

The first Easy Guide was born from the list that he made in order to help the clients in his website hosting business get found in search results.  What he found was that the SEO companies out there were charging huge amounts of money and not actually doing anything for his customers.

Since his brother Roy Bourquin created one of the core algorithms (patented) for local search that is used by major search engines, Scott knew there was a better way.  The Easy Guide To Internet Marketing was born.  When he started Podcasting, The Easy Guide To Podcasting was born.

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