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The Easy Guide To Podcasting

If you are thinking of Podcasting, this is the place to start. It doesn’t matter if you want to podcast for fun or to grow your business, The Easy Guide To Podcasting will help you with step by step set up and give you an equipment guide.

If you aren’t sure what the difference is between a USB microphone and a shotgun microphone, The Easy Guide to Podcasting will help with that too, and it includes links to podcasts where you can hear the difference.

Scott Bourquin started his acoustics education at Lucas Arts THX home theater program and brought it forward with work at the Screen Actors Guild, now SAG-AFTRA and used that education to build his own home studio for a fraction of the cost of the big studios. You can record a professional sounding podcast at home with a few simple tips.

Get your voice heard today, start podcasting today with The Easy Guide To Podcasting.